“Sell me this pen.” - The Wolf of Wall Street

We always aim to close as many prospects as possible. We are a less crazy version of Jordan Belfort. We take full commitment and are experts in selling, negotiating, cold calling following up and closing deals
Strategic sales
Implementing effective customer outreach and developing relationships with prospects that turn into customers. Always identifying best strategies to close a prospect.
Conversion optimization
Increasing your conversion rate by convincing your web visitors to take action and become a lead or a customer. We do this by providing an engaging lead form, optimized website or a sales promotion.
Account management
Expanding productivity by managing projects and subject matter experts. Every day we assist in the growth of bright and empowered team members.
Buyer list development
Helping you increase your sales potential by generating a buyer list. We make sure that every single buyer is relevant and also authoritative.
Customer relationship management
We go above and beyond and manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. Our database contains details on every customer and prospect.
Amazon B2C/ B2B Management
We handle everything on Amazon. From creating product listings and helping you increase product sales with ads. We have integrated amazon as a major player in sales distribution.